Your friendly Chiropractor in Chandler AZ, Dr. Dan Rae, is back at the computer this afternoon to discuss a condition that we never hear about, and is not very common; however, it is worth learning about.  Today, I will be reviewing a condition known as Sheuermann’s Disease.

In the image above by MMG, we are able to see what is seen on x-ray with Sheuermann’s Disease, and in the image below by A.D.A.M., we are able to see how this condition affects our posture.

Currently, we are not very sure as to what causes Sheuermann’s Disease, but as of right now we believe it to be the result of vertebral growth plate trauma during the teenage years with interruption or cessation of further growth.  It is believed that wedging of greater the 5 degrees in three consecutive vertebrae found on x-ray is indicative of Sheuermann’s Disease.  Furthermore, end plate fractures known as Schmorl’s nodes, and disruption at the front of the vertebra known as limbus bones are evidence of extrusion of the disc.  In 75% of the cases, the midthoracic (midback) region with the remaining cases occuring in the thoracolumbar (mid to low back) region.  This condition occurs slightly more in males versus females.

These patients come into my office, generally between the age of 13 and 17 years, complaining of pain and fatigue in the midback with increased curvature in the midback as seen in the image above.

Again, treatment for this condition is very much similar to that of Postural Syndrome/Upper Crossed Syndrome and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS).  Soft-tissue therapies such as Active Release Technique (ART) and Graston Technique to relax tightened muscles as well as prevent chronic shortening of those very same muscles.  Strengthening to the interscapular (between the shoulder blades) muscles.  Kinesiology Tape is applied as a postural support, and the patient is soon transitioned into a posturally corrective shirt known as a Posture Shirt.

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