Your friendly Chiropractor in Chandler AZ, Dr. Dan Rae, is back at the computer this afternoon to talk about a condition that you may have never heard of, but I am willing to bet that almost all of us have experienced it an one point or another.  I am talking about Lumbar Facet Syndrome.  Most doctors typically diagnose this as Low Back Pain or  a Low Back Sprain/Strain.


In the image below we can see the referred pain associated with Facet Syndrome based on the level of the impingement in the lumbar spine.

facet syndrome

This referred pain can obviously occur on either side of the body.  May times is is more than just one level as well.  Each individual facet at the back of the vertebra receives it nerve supply from two different spinal levels.  The facet joint is known as a synovial joint, and with that has a synovial lining that can develop synovial folds (meniscoids) within the lining that may become entrapped or pinched and cause pain.  It is also believe that as the spine degenerates over time we become more susceptible to Facet Syndrome.

These individuals usually come into my clinic complaining of well-localized low back pain with some hip/buttock or leg pain above the knee known as referred pain.  The onset is sudden after s simple miscalculated movement or arising from a bent over position.

Facet Syndrome has been proven through multiple research studies to respond very favorably to Chiropractic Care.  The mechanism to why there is such a good response is not clear, but it is believed that the adjustment frees the entrapped meniscoid tab and allows for the muscles to relax.

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