Your friendly Chiropractor in Chandler AZ, Dr. Dan Rae, is back at the computer this morning to talk about an injury that I see on a daily basis in my clinic, and that is the Sacroiliac Sprain.  This is something that a good majority of us have suffered from, but we have just never put the proper name to it.  We call it Low Back Pain, Low Back Sprain, or Low Back Strain, take your pick.


In the image above, we can easily see the ligaments that attach our pelvic bones to the sacrum, and dysfunction on the Sacroiliac (SI) Joint probably accounts for around half of all Low Back Pain cases.  The SI ligamentous support is very strong; however, in younger individuals, those that are pregnant, or those with degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) in their low back, prolonged or sudden lifting or bending may irritate or sprain the ligaments.  Movement at the SI joint is small but existent in younger patients.  The movement is primarily a front to back rotary movement around a transverse axis.  This is an accessory movement that is involuntary occurring mainly when moving to a standing position.

These patients come into my office complaining of pain over one of the SI joints (upper portion of the buttock and lowest portion of the low back) after straightening up from a stooped position, often after lifting an object or even coughing violently.  The pain may radiate down the back of the leg.  With a sprain the pain will often be a sharp stabbing pain that some by sitting or lying down.

An acute SI sprain are usually best managed with an SI support (brace).


Chiropractic manipulation of the SI joint is performed to correct any asymmetries.  Kinesiology Tape can be applied as a support depended on the severity of the sprain.

low back sprain

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