Your friendly Chiropractor in Chandler AZ, Dr. Dan Rae, is back at the computer this afternoon to discuss a problem know as Piriformis Syndrome that I see a lot in my marathon/ultra-marathon runners; however, we see it in other individuals quite frequently as well.

Piriformis Syndrome

In the image above, by RelayHealth, gives us a fantastic illustration of Piriformis Syndrome.  In Piriformis Syndrome the Sciatic Nerve is compressed by the piriformis muscle.  In most individuals, the Sciatic Nerve runs under the piriformis muscle; however, in approximately 15% of individuals, there are two muscle bellies with the Sciatic Nerve coursing directly between them, which leads to compression between the muscle bellies when muscle gets tight or goes into spasm.

These individuals generally come into my office with complaints of buttock and posterior leg pain with no apparent cause.

Treatment for Piriformis Syndrome is quite simple.  It has been shown in many cases that individuals with foot pronation or pelvic rotation are prone to this condition.  Simple solutions for both of these include arch supports for the pronator and for the individual with pelvic rotation chiropractic manipulation is implemented to correct the rotation, and soft-tissue therapies such as Active Release Technique (ART) and Graston Technique are utilized to lengthen the shortened piriformis muscle.

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