Your friendly Chiropractor in Chandler AZ, Dr. Dan Rae, is back at the computer this afternoon to review a topic known as Little Leaguer’s Shoulder.  This is something that concerns me a lot because both of my older boys are playing baseball, and the oldest has just reached the level where the boys start pitching to each other.  Furthermore, I am certain that he will be doing some pitching.

little leaguer's shoulder

In the image above by RelayHealth, we can see the damage that is done with Little Leaguer’s Shoulder.  Rotational stresses on the growth plate of the humerus up near the shoulder results in a Salter-Harris Type 1 fracture in pitchers who over-pitch or pitch to frequently.  More rarely, this may cause a Salter-Harris Type 2 fracture.  The different types of Salter-Harris fractures can be seen in the image below.


These individuals come into my office complaining of shoulder pain that occurs mainly when throwing hard.  The pain began as a very minor pain, but over time it progresses to a substantial amount of pain.  They are able to point directly to the point of pain in the arm near the shoulder.

With this condition there is no agreed upon course of treatment; however, it is recommended that the arm be rested for a minimum of three months, and it made need up to a year.  Once it has healed, gradual return to throwing is needed with pain be a limiting factor.  Complications of Little Leaguer’s Shoulder include avascular necrosis, loose bodies, and early closure of the growth plate.

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