Your friendly Chiropractor in Chandler AZ, Dr. Dan Rae, is back at the computer this evening to talk about an injury that we do not hear about too often in Triceps Tendinitis.  It is also known as Posterior Tennis Elbow.  Triceps injuries have been getting a little more publicity over the past few weeks with the Baltimore Ravens star middle linebacker Ray Lewis having torn his, and star defensive tackle Justin Smith of the San Francisco 49ers injuring his triceps as well.

triceps tendinitis

In the image above by MMG 2000 we are able to clearly see the triceps tendon.  Irritation or strains of the triceps tendon are usually due to common athletic skills performed by boxers, weight lifters, pitchers, shot-putters, and some tennis players.

These patients typically come into my office complaining of pain at the tip of the elbow after performing an activity that required repetitive straightening of the elbow, or one single event that required forceful straightening of the elbow.

Treatment for Triceps Tendinitis is quite simple.  Myofascial release techniques such as Active Release Technique (ART) and Graston Technique are implemented to encourage healing and to prevent scar tissue formation.  Ice and rest from the activity that caused the pain is essential.  If the individual is working out the amount of weight utilized during elbow extensions needs to be reduced.

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